Coverage Types

Less than 27

-From recreational fishing vessels, to sport boats, to sailboats, we offer property protection and watercraft liability to suit all of your recreational and sport boating needs. Whether your boating experience is on fresh water or salt water, enjoy the fast, professional results for which Admiralty is known. Contact our marine insurance agents for knowledgeable expertise regarding coverage for your watercraft.

Greater than 27

-From sailboats, to cruisers, to recreational sport fishing vessels, we have a wide variety of coverage options and programs available. We use competitive insurance companies, with sound financial standing that understand nautical concerns and are committed to the marine market. . Whether you enjoy weekends away, have occasional charter activities, or participate in sport fishing tournaments, we have the coverage for you. Contact an Admiralty agent for expertise regarding this specialty area of insurance.


Property Damage and liability coverage under the same policy with the ability to have multiple PWC’s on one policy. A great option for this type of watercraft enthusiast.


When addressing liability and property coverage for the Super Yacht and its owner, special considerations need to be taken into account that requires marine insurance expertise. Crew Coverage, Personal property, fine arts, and auxiliary personal watercraft are examples of such considerations. Access to underwriters who specialize in mega yacht insurance and worldwide navigation is an Admiralty advantage.