Claims Checklist

Most of us will never have an accident or loss but when we do, it can be a very stressful and confusing time. That’s why we want to point out some basic do’s and don’t when you are involved in a boating accident or loss.

  • Do take all reasonable action to protect your boat from further loss.
  • Do notify your agent or insurance company as soon as practical of the occurrence that could result in a claim.
  • Do report to the appropriate law enforcement and/or Coast Guard in the event of theft, vandalism, collision, property damage, loss of life or bodily injury.
  • Don’t assume any obligation or admit liability unless authorized in writing by the insurance company.
  • Don’t make repairs to the damage until authorized by the insurance company.
  • Claim Acknowledgement

    Notification of a claim can be made via this website, voicemail, fax or phone. When you notify us of a claim, we will report it to the insurance company. We will respond back to you with a claims number and the insurance company adjuster, if assigned. The claim number assignment is the acknowledgement that we have received your claims notification. If you do not receive an acknowledgement from us within 48 hours of logging your claim, please make contact directly with our office by calling, 781-721-5500.


    Admiralty authorizes no repairs. Repairs should not commence until the insurance company approves the claim and authorizes repairs. The role of the claims adjuster is to review the claim for coverage and authorize you to proceed with repairs. Repair authorization will not be granted until the Company has a written estimate of repairs from the repair vendor,a copy of any police or Coast Guard report and an original notarized Statement of Loss. You can